Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Veterans Stand Point - Tuesday February 5th

I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity! If you know of any veterans (or if you are one!) to attend OR if you want to volunteer or donate items. I have attached all three opportunities, below!
If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with Kelley Hamilton at kelley.hamilton@nccommerce.comor 910-347-2121 Com or 910-265-3506.


The Onslow County Job Link Veterans Unit  is hosting a Veterans Stand down in Jacksonville NC. What is a Veterans Stand down? It is a local event held for homeless and indigent veterans that include a variety of services such as health screenings, legal services, shelter information, employment  services, veteran services, and a host of other services.

Our first stand down in February 2011 was a success and this is our 3rd one so lets  make this event better!  We hope you will be able to attend!

Date:  February 5, 2013



American Legion Burton Cowell Post 265

146 Broadhurst Road

Jacksonville NC 28546


Onslow County Job Link Veterans Unit is in the process of contacting  the Veterans Adminstration, county, state, faith-based organizations and the private sector for assistance in providing these veterans with services and information that they desperately need. Here are a few of the services that will be provided:


ü  Medical Screenings

ü  Dental Screenings

ü  Assitance with VA claims

ü  Assessing elgibility for services

ü  Mental Health & Substance Abuse services

ü  Education Assistance

ü  Clothing Supply

ü  Hot meals

ü  Transportation

ü  Tolietries

ü  And many more TBA

We are also asking that our community including businesses donate items for this stand down.  Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your time.

Donations needed!
Onslow County Joblink Veterans Unit is requesting the following donations for the 2013 Veterans Homeless Stand down. Remember the stand down is an event that relies on donations of items from the public; we do not receive nor request any monies, only donations of the needed items.
We are still in need of:
Bottled water
Hygiene products, men & women
Ziploc bags
Can food items with pop tops
Cup of noodles soups
Sleeping bags
Wet ones
This is the 3rd stand down, and it is growing each year, especially with the economy.  We are less than 5 weeks out until the event so we are asking everyone for support of our veterans. All donated items can be dropped off at the Onslow County Joblink, 461 Western Blvd or we can pick up. Thanks for all the support you have given the Veterans Unit of Onslow County Joblink! If you have any questions please contact Kelley Hamilton at or 910-347-2121 Com or 910-265-3506.
for homeless Veterans?
The Onslow County Veterans Unit is sponsoring their 2nd sock drive  for the Veterans Homeless Stand Down. Most people don't realize how important a pair of socks can be for the homeless and less fortunate and just how much they are needed! The goal of the drive is to provide new socks for men and women. We are asking the community to donate NEW socks to this cause. We can pick up socks from organizations or they can be dropped off at: Jacksonville Employment Service/Onslow County JobLink Office, 461 Western Blvd #106, Jacksonville, NC 28546. As the sock drive grows we will have more drop off points. The sock drive last year was a huge success so let’s make this year’s sock drive bigger and better! Make this a agency or an individual drive! Thank you for your support! Any questions please contact me, James Ross or any vet staff.
Kelley Hamilton, Veterans Stand down Chair
James Ross, Veterans Stand down Co-Chair

Kelley Hamilton, Disabled Veteran Employment Consultant


Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 in 2012 campaign...complete!

Well, we have entered 2013 - meaning at least one thing for this homeless blog…that the 2012 in 2012 campaign is over and SUCCESSFUL. It is remarkable to think that in around 14 weeks, a group of citizens in a community was able to collect over 2000 items….2076 to be exact (over our goal!) just by word of mouth. JanDe and I started with flyers, facebook and blog posts and getting the word out through the local homeless community. A lot of the donations came in through friends, friends of friends and individuals who have “liked” our facebook page.

It is amazing to me to see such support on a simple movement to get up and help and to hear about a need and fill it.

We need donations of canned goods, towels, clothes, baby items, winter coats, gloves and scarves along with a ton of paper products – all what the Onslow Community Outreach could use for their many operations.

This all started from an article JanDe and I read that stated that federal funding was being cut for state’s food banks. That article can be found here: As we read it, we did not just read it and think “that is sad….let’s just get coffee” but we thought “what can do we to help ours!?” This simple and easy to advertise idea came from that.

How else can we take the need in our community and spread the word?


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Upcoming Opportunities

I was excited to be able to go to this past CAN-DO meeting, Friday December 7. I have not been able to go the past few months and I was able to pick up some good information to share along with opportunities upcoming in the community - I would NOT MISS the opportunity to be a part of and give back through.

  • There are currently 215 school aged children who are homeless. SCHOOL AGED - this is not counting their siblings not in school or the parents of those children.  These children are homeless through eviction, foreclosure and other reasons.
  • When I think about that number, I think about the CHEW program with United Way - giving backpacks to families over the weekend who can not afford to feed their school aged children outside of the free school lunch program during the week. To find out how you can help this program, go here:
  • January 30-31 is the 24 hour Onslow County Point in Time count for Onslow County to show the state how many homeless indivduals are here. From that count, we are able to show them what funding we need to provide to the organizations assisting homelessness in the area.
  • Tues Feb 5 10-4 is the annual Veteran Stand Down at the American Legion. If you are a veteran organization or an organization that can provide something to veterans, get in touch with Kelley Hamilton at 910-347-2121. If you are an individual who can donate socks or other items, please do the same.
Moving into the new year, there are ways to help, places to serve and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of families and individuals.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What's happening?

There is PLENTY going on in our end of the woods, check it out:

·         Cardboard Box City is Friday November 16. The information is a new posts below BUT this is a great opportunity to raise money for a great cause, Family Promise of Onslow County and live in a box for the night. You should check it out and see if it is the plan for you to register.

·         Fueling Good voting for Onslow Community Outreach ends November 28 and can be done at Citgo is giving away gas cards to non-profits. It is super SIMPLE to vote. Check it out!

·         2012 in 2012 campaign and collection is happening until the end of 2012! J Please let JanDe and I know through facebook or our email at if you are going to participate, if you need any assistance and when you collect so we can add it to the tally. All items collected will go to the Onslow Community Outreach. We are currently at 1199, less than half way to go!

·         The Salvation Army is in need of bell ringers during the holidays. If you are interested in a few hour shift, call the Salvation Army in Jacksonville for details.
  • The CHEW program, through United Way, is going strong.  CHEW assists children in the community with meals over the weekend. Those children that might otherwise go hungry without the resources for food when school is not in session with free or reduced lunches. Check it out here and how you can help:


Plenty of ways to get involved heading into the holiday season!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fueling Good Voting - starts today!

Our homelessness in Jacksonville supporters, here is an EASY way starting today to support our homeless helping business in Onslow County. Please check it out and mark your calendars to help!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oktoberfest 5K - October 27!

Great opportunity to help a great cause and get a great workout in at the same time! Share our blog link and tell your friends to get registered.